The Whine in the Willows

I am thinking about writing a soap opera spoof about working at the bookstore. So far, I only have the name: The Whine in the Willows. I may even resurrect my alter ego from the GAA newsletter that I wrote in high school – I starred as Nancy Nullandvoid. We already have Girlboss and Saint Barbe and Goask Alice…and then I realized how much trouble I could get myself into. Besides, truth is, if not stranger, than at least a lot more fun than (my) fiction. Take our Wednesday morning marketing meetings, truly the highlight of my work week:

This morning was bound to be a serious meeting. Girlboss and three co-workers were in NYC all last week at a major book industry trade show so we haven’t gathered together recently and there are some big changes and doings at the bookstore, as always. So… we spent at least 10 minutes discussing a phantom future event, giving Girlboss oodles of suggestions, literally all at once. Another 10 minutes hearing about Barbe’s pizza box solar oven, unanimously resolving to come back in our next life as her grandchildren. I think we discussed some legitimate bookstore business after that, but by then I was already thinking about possible names for my soap opera.

Really, there can be no better place to work.

Your thoughts?

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