Happy Thoughts for Today

Went to the Astros game last night and saw a 5-1 win over the Nationals – woot!woot! And as much as I really do love our regular seats out in right field, I also really do love getting awesome seats from friends who sit right behind the visitors’ dugout. So the #4 and #5 highlights of the game, right behind winning, Carlos Lee’s homer, and Hunter Pence’s triple, are that, at least in those expensive dugout seats, the vendors walk around selling pints of Blue Bell and kettle corn. Good thing we weren’t right on the aisle or I wouldn’t have been able to resist. Will now plan all baseball eating around those two possibilities.

Husband had the best comment of the night. Although we’ve seen the Nats at MinuteMaid before, we couldn’t remember what they serve as the special to honor the visiting team. Husband suggested, “Baloney Sandwiches.” I had to acknowledge him for that one. It’s actually Virginia ham sandwiches.

Also, according to the Houston Chronicle this morning, the new security measures are being put in place at the state capitol. All visitors will have to go thru a security line to have bags checked and walk thru a metal detector, unless you have a concealed gun license. They figure all lobbyists and other regular visitors will all just get weapons and/or the license. So everyone will be checked for a deadly weapon unless you actually have one. Texas, gotta luv it.

Your thoughts?

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