Why I Love Goodreads – Part 2

Last Fall, I stumbled across a group on Goodreads that turned this organization/information site into an addicting, time-sucking computer ap. The Seasonal Reading Challenge. Four times a year, the must-be-totally-insane-but-I-love-her-dearly moderator puts together a list of reading tasks at various point levels. The object is to read a book that fits each of the tasks within a 3 month window. She does get help from other people in the group who suggest and pick some of the tasks. You post what you read and what task it fits and she tallies up all the scores on a readerboard.

The addicting part is actually finding books to fit each task, and looking at the books you’ve been meaning to read and figuring out what tasks they fit. The moderator, or the member who chose a specific task, has final approval if a task has been completed properly (ie, if the book fits). The tasks are crazy fun and very creative and definitely encourage you to expand your reading horizons.  Here’s an example of a 5 point task:

5.1 – Heat Wave
It’s summertime and it’s getting HOT out there..Read a book with one of the following words in the title (Hot, Hotter, Heat, Warm, Warmth, Heatwave, Fire, Sizzle, Blaze, Scorch, Sun, Sunny, Toasty or another similar word).

Here’s an example of a higher point task:

25.3 – Jennifer N’S Task – Virtual Foreign Vacation
Summer is traditionally the time of year for family vacations. It is not always feasible to go to the places you wish to see, so for this task..

A. Read a fictional book that takes place in a country that you have always wanted to visit but have never had the chance to.
B. Read a book that was originally written in a foreign language.

For the Summer Challenge, there are 950 points possible. I thought I read a ton in the Spring Challenge, but I only had 245/980 points. I have a personal goal of 300 points for summer, but it won’t be easy.  Fifteen voracious readers actually finished the last challenge.

I am totally enamored with this style of Reading Challenge. I actually stole the idea and created a Summer Reading Challenge for Blue Willow. Libraries often have summer reading programs where you have to read so many books, or so many pages, or so many minutes. And schools often have summer required reading. But how much more fun to have a reading challenge like this one? If you follow the link to the store website, you can click on Summer Reading at BWB and get a copy of our challenge. Another plus is that the whole family can do a challenge like this, with everyone picking books at their reading level that fit the tasks.  And a good car ride audio book that the family listens to together can count for everyone. Happy Reading!

Your thoughts?

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