Friday Night Sights

Had a more out-and-about weekend than usual and found some great new spots around town. On Friday, husband, daughter #2 and I went to an art gallery show opening. That sounds much more cultured than it really is. Wade Wilson Art  is located on Montrose, just north of the 59 bridge. There are, I think, four unique galleries in the building. This was my third time down there. It’s definitely interesting to check out the very diverse art and artists, and the people watching can’t be beat. The opening was crowded and loud and we didn’t stay long, but on the way back we decided to stop in at Agora on Westheimer at Dunlavy. It is a coffee house/wine bar that daughter #1 had recommended. It’s quite unique and quite wonderful. It’s a bit out of the way from here on the westside, but I’ll definitely remember it when I’m that way. Perfect conversation spot, with just the right mix of music at the perfect volume and all kinds of seating options. Have to admit I didn’t pay any attention to their menu, but my cappucino totally hit the spot; it was a great cap off to the night.

Your thoughts?

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