Free Beer!

Would I lie to you?

On Saturday, husband, some relations and I went up to Conroe to the Southern Star Brewery . Every Saturday (unless cancelled – check their website before going), the Brewery is open from 1-3. You can buy food from the Outlaw Kookers, who set up a tent outside, and drink beer for free. You can buy a glass and have it filled up to 4 times, or you can get up to 4 free taster cups. At 2 o’clock they give a short tour of the facility which is just a speech because the whole brewery is visible from the picnic tables and benches inside the warehouse. The cameraderie is just what you’d expect to find at your local tavern. Husband learned a few more details of the operation by walking around and asking questions while I played cribbage with one of the regulars sitting at our table.

And the beer is good, too. They currently make three varieties. My favorite is the Bombshell Blonde, a blonde ale. Husband prefers the Pine Belt Ale. The Buried Hatchett coffee stout is excellent, as well. They mix well, too. I really like the “dirty blonde” – Bombshell and Pine Belt.

Highly recommend the bratwurst on a stick and husband loved their spicy mustard so much that he had to buy a jar. So the free brewery tour only cost us lunch (but we had to eat anyway), a jar of mustard, a shirt (also for husband), and a glass (also for husband). You say I’m too indulgent? Au contraire. One of the brewery owners is a book collector and had book marks advertising a local used book store. Husband now owed me so we went to check it out. Good Books in the Woods is located in a house near the Woodlands. It is filled with bookshelves and a few comfy reading spots. It’s very well organized, a browser’s paradise. So now when I take field trips up north to the Spring yarn shops and make the pilgrimage to Carvers for butter burgers and cheese curds, I can add Good Books in the Woods to the itinerary.

Your thoughts?

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