It’s the Little Things

One of my permanent, not-just-new-years resolutions is to just do the little things that might make the the world a little better. Hypocrite alert here, for sure, I’m not so good at following thru with the be a better person mantra, but I do really believe in it. All of it, from Random Acts of Kindness to Pay It Forward to the Beckoning of Lovely. Maybe writing about these things in my blog will help reinforce the mantra in my brain which might translate into more action on my part. And if any one ever reads these posts, maybe I can do a small bit towards spreading the word.

Today I ran across ripplesketches . Artists of all sorts have done small sketches that you can buy for a $10 donation to help the animal victims of the Gulf Oil Spill. Check it out, it’s pretty cool. I’m so proud of people who put together projects like this. Sure the $900 raised so far may sound like a drop in the bucket, but I like the idea of thinking of it as a drop that starts a ripple that can travel across the water. Kudos to ripplesketches!

Your thoughts?

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