More on Translations

So, you might have read my entry about poetry including my short rant about poetry in translation. I’ve never had quite the same problem with novels or stories in translation. Athough I may have regretted not being able to read the original work, it has not hindered my enjoyment of any novels. I ran across this interesting item in the Guardian Blogs the other day. Apparently, as I write this, there is a smack-down going down across the pond between two translators and an author.  It was interesting to read about a translator’s concerns/thoughts. In this orchestrated event, a short story was commissioned and given to two translators. The outcome?  “Of the 56 sentences in the story, there is precisely one which is rendered just the same by both translators. That one sentence, incidentally, is the line of dialogue that goes: “Really?”” I’m actually hoping to find both translations on line to read and compare myself. I’d like to see if I prefer one translation to the other.  Or if I read them not concurrently, say a day or two apart, would I even be able to tell them apart? I’ll let you know if I see any follow-up.

Your thoughts?

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