Back in the 80’s, when TV was still dominated by a few major networks, before TiVo made schedules moot, back when fiction was still stranger than fact (ie, before the reality TV craze), when my parents were still alive, I had a standing date with my father. Once a week I would go over to the house to watch the A-Team with him. It was the perfect blend of campy, action, humor, and predictability. We loved it! Mom watched with us, and knitted I presume, but she didn’t love it like we did. (She was actually huge McGyver fan, which I never got into.) The A-Team succeeded because it never tried to be more than it was, never tried to evolve into something else.

Sometime after getting TiVo and when the daughters were in high school we started watching occasional reruns on TV Land. And except for the fact that no one would make a TV show like that nowadays, the show didn’t feel that dated, it aged very well. And what did the daughters think of it? Well, gentics being what it is….they got it! And I’d even venture to say they really liked it, especially daughter #2 of course, as anyone who knows them would have already assumed.

When daughter#2 emailed me the A-Team movie trailer this spring I shrieked with joy! Really. Literally. And I’m not usually a shriek-y person. We immediately made a date to go see it together.

We thought we’d go to the midnight openning showing of course, but life got in the way and we really do understand the relative importance of a movie, so all four of us went together last Thursday.


Honestly, if you’ve never seen the TV series you might say it was a decent, quirky, action flick. But if you loved the old show as much as I do it was amazing. Everything from the show was worked into this movie; every important line, character, and prop was there.  It still didn’t try to be too much and it definitely didn’t take itself too seriously. I whispered to Ellen after about 5 minutes that it was already worth it and I could go home happy now, but it stayed true to form for the entire show. I perhaps have never been so satisfied walking out of a movie theater.

So, last Thursday, surrounded by my family, I died and went to heaven and watched the A-Team with my dad. Happy Fathers Day, Dad.

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