To nurture passion

Every since the daughters were little, I’ve had this thing about passion. How do people become passionate about something? How do you develop a passion? How do your help your children become passionate? In essence, I guess, the question is, “How do you nurture passion?”

I feel like the happiest, most satisfied, and certainly the most interesting people, are passionate about what they do. (The most egotistical people are passionate about who they are, but that is something else altogether.) Not even about everything they do, but there is something in their life that they are really passionate about. I also consider this the curse of the well rounded invidual. I feel like I’m missing something because I don’t throw myself completely into some activity/cause. Granted, most of this is probably due to my overarching laziness and low boredom threshold, but still. I get really excited hearing about something, especially directly from someone who is passionate about it, but it’s never quite enough to actually involve me for the long term.

So for now, I hope to share some of these passion-inspirers that I run across thru this blog. If nothing else it will help to remind me that maybe to make the world a little better, I might need to get myself off the couch and/or away from the computer.

Last April,  husband and I went to hear Marian Wright Edelman as part of the Rice Presidential Lecture Series. Her talk was entitled, “Charting a Course for the Next Generation.” Edelman is the founder of the Children’s Defense Fund. She was promoting its “Leave No Child Behind” mission “to ensure every child a successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities.” She is truly an amazing and inspirational person and the history of the CDF is fascinating. I left the lecture thinking how exhausted this woman must be. She has worked so hard for so many years essentially fighting the same battles. So many children are better off due to the work of the CDF, but so many children are still neglected, abused, or just plain hungry. Edelman continues to spread the word, ask for support, open people’s eyes, and fight the good fight as she has done for years. What incredible passion must burn inside her to keep going!

Your thoughts?

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