Hurricane Alex

Alex was upgraded to a category 1 hurricane last night and is expected to go ashore on the upper Mexican coast sometime tomorrow as a cat 1 or cat 2 storm. So the greatest impact on Family Drott from the storm will be felt by Loki the thunder dog. The storm will definitely bring some rain bands thru the Houston area and Loki has already been a mess with all the thundershowers of the last two weeks or so. On the one day when I thought maybe she could make it thru without being medicated, she tore up a new section of carpet in the upstairs hall. Live and learn.

Speaking of learning (and preparing), Alex didn’t come close enough to compel me to futher my hurricane preparations. Although I did make a special trip to the gas station last night to fill up the tank, but that was mostly so that I didn’t forget and run out of gas while running errands today.  So we’ll probably have a wet holiday weekend coming up, but at least visiting guests probably won’t have their travel plans scuttled. No signs of the “B” storm on the horizon and that’s OK with me.

Your thoughts?

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