More eco-judging

Went back to the library today to turn in some books and ask why the book I returned last week now showed that it was overdue (it had been put back on the shelves before being properly checked in). Five cars in the “For Fuel Efficient Cars Only” parking spots today, with their approximate EPA City mpg:

1. Mitsubishi Outlander (21) – and the driver was chatting on her cell phone while backing out in the crowded library parking lot (lots of kiddos and cars). She loses at least 5 mpg for that.

2. Toyota 4-Runner (18) – EIGHTEEN mpg?!?!? Fuel Efficient?!?!?

3. Some small, old Chrysler sedan, maybe a Summit. It was, at least, the smallest car in the spots.

4. Honda Accord, V6 (19) – I thought it would be higher, too, but that’s what’s listed.

5. Pontiac Vibe (21) – Was actually listed as the highest mpg GM car at one time.

6. My Toyota Prius (48) – It really is listed at that, but I probably do get a minimum of 35 on my worst, all short trips, tank.

I don’t judge people on what car they actually own*, I mean we have a Ford Expedition in our fleet, but even if you can justify owning a gas guzzler, YOU DON’T GET TO PARK IN SPACES RESERVED FOR FUEL EFFICIENT VEHICLES!

*except Hummers. I have no idea why anyone would ever buy/need/want a Hummer.

Your thoughts?

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