Random Thoughts Update

Time for an update of random thoughts important to me, and that’s important with a lower case “i”.

Baseball: The Astros are currently on track to their first 100 loss season ever. And still, I am compelled to watch…and knit. The Orioles still have a worse record, phew. Michael Bourn is the only Astro selected to the All-Star game. He is one of my favorites and the most deserving. Run, Michael, run.

Weather: The stormy afternoons continue. After 5-10 inches of rain last week (we keep forgetting to empty the rain gauge), there is another possible tropical storm brewing in the Gulf that is almost assured to send us lots more rain no matter how it develops. I don’t actually mind the rain, but Loki did rip out a bit more carpeting today before I could get home from work. Still on the kids’ end of the upstairs hallway, so I can continue to ignore and deny.  I did top off our bottled water supply for the hurricane emergency stash and bought a big box of granola bars to go with the peanut butter. Cary suggests I should get some crackers at least. Personally, I could live on granola bars for three or four days, easy (especially the almond and peanut salty-sweet ones.)

Grammar rules: I can never decide if the period should go inside or outside the parenthesis at the end of a sentence.

Blue Willow: Some interesting events forthcoming, after a fairly quiet spell. Laura Ingraham, hosted by KSEV (Dan Patrick’s radio station), and located at Republic Harley-Davidson in Stafford. Oh yeah, there’ll be more on this later. Alice is leaving for 2+ weeks, meaning all behind the scenes operations at the store will likely fall into chaos. I plan to manage my stress by self-medicating with a certain amber liquid.

Summer Reading Challenge: I’m way off the pace towards my goal of 300 points. Should have over 100, but I’ve only posted 50. Have some tasks half-completed so I may be able to put together a little surge.  Maybe I’ll get more reading done with the All-Star Break coming up.

Your thoughts?

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