A month and a half into this blogging experiement and I’m still hanging in there. Just noticed this is perhaps the biggest gap between postings. Must keep after myself and add a new manta to the roll, “hmmmmmmmbloghmmmmmmm.”

I’m a firm believer in mantras, though most of mine are racquetball related which means exclamation points in lieu of the calming hmmmms, such as: ‘eye on the ball!’ and ‘get off the wall!’ and ‘move!’ And then there are all the memory aid mantras, which really are reciting lists of one or more items. These can be work related, but usually are just home related and are characterized by repetition instead of hmmmmms or exclamation points. Most common of these mantra is the small grocery list, ‘milk,bread,cereal,milk,bread,cereal,milk,bread,cereal,milk,beer – wait, how’d that get in there?’

The word mantra is sanskrit in origin, officially a Hindu incantation. The thought behind it is embraced by much eastern and new age thinking, boiled down to it’s essence it seems to mean “say it enough and it will be true” It’s a nice thought, at least a good start. Much better than it’s twisted cousin “do as I say, not as I do” which seems to mean “I talk a good game, but can’t control my actions” I’m all for a little more control of action by most of the world’s citizens.

It’s a very pleasing word to the mouth, tongue, and ear. I wonder if it’s ever translated, or if it sounds the same in every language? Would it also sound so soothing in German? What does it sound like in Chinese? Yahoo’s Babel Fish translated the english word ‘mantra’ to ‘Beschwörungsformel’ in german. Not sure I believe that….

Being someone who loves mantras so much, I thought I should try yoga. I really enjoy it, but it’s just too darn easy to find excuses not to go to the classes. The two that are best suited to me (that would be the beginner classes), that are offered at the health club where I play rball, are at 8:30 on Saturday morning and 8:00 on Sunday morning. Waaaay too many excuses to not go. (Perhaps I need a mantra to help me overcome these excuses?) Cary said he’d go with me, if that would help. I said, “yeah, right, for one you’d need to be quiet during the class – no moaning or groaning or snide comments for an hour.” Last week, I found some half hour classes that I could TiVo, now I only have to sweep the dog hair off the floor and make enough room for my yoga mat and I’ll be all set. So, to make a short story long, Cary, Emily, and I decided to just watch an episode the other night while Em and I were doing a bit more knitting for the night. About 2 minutes into the warm-up sequence, Cary let out a “ooo, that would hurt” and I replied, “that’s why I can’t do this with you.” Then, instead of just quietly watching and LISTENING, he kept asking questions and interrupting and pausing the TiVo, and commenting on the people doing the yoga, and AAARRRGGGHHH it just set me off into a nagging rant! At which point Emily said, “Isn’t Yoga supposed to be calming?” I need a new mantra.

Your thoughts?

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