News from the Willow

Looks like I may be breaking my employment record at Blue Willow. Between taking over (a fraction of) Alice’s job and the big Laura Ingraham event next Monday, the hours on my next paycheck should be substantial. Always nice to have an excuse to not do the housework that I don’t ever seem to do anyways. So far I’m holding up pretty well with the stress of ordering. Mostly because I’m just blindly rushing forward thus transferring the stress to girlboss on the immediate problems and delaying the stress to Alice who will have to fix things once she gets back. Works for me. Don’t think I’ve screwed up anything too badly as yet.

I knew today was gonna be tough to get thru when I got the munchies and started in on my lunch at 10:30. Fortunately, a project was hatched and I spent much time diddling around with it. The few people who occasionally pop onto my blog (you know who you are) all know about the Lois, the corpse flower at the HMNS. Blooms on these plants are few and far between, but all eyes in Houston have been on Lois as she prepares to put on a grand show…one of these days. She was originally projected to bloom last weekend, and now the museum is open 24/7 and has a live webcam on Lois and everyone is STILL waiting.  I’ve had the best luck pulling up the webcam by linking thru the website. We were going to go down last night after quiz night at the Saucer, but Em checked Lois’ twitter account (you read that right) on her iphone so we knew it wasn’t time yet.  What does Lois have to do with Blue Willow? Well, the most awaited book release on the horizon is for Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay, the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy, which is due out August 24. So we decided to post regular videos of the staff waiting for Mockingjay to open. I’ll put a link here once they get the first one loaded to facebook or the website. Since there are NO advance copies or early releases of the book, we “made” one to use in the videos. Don’t know if anyone else will ever see it or care, but we amused ourselves for much of the afternoon.

Your thoughts?

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