Katy Fresh Produce Market

Finally visited the Katy Fresh Produce Market this afternoon. It’s at 5026 E. Third Street – you exit I-10 at KatyFt Bend Road, go north and then take a left on Third Street. The Market is on the right. I bought “home grown” tomatoes that at least smell like real tomatoes for BLTs tonight, and a couple of Texas peaches. I don’t pay enough attention to prices, but theirs seemed reasonable to me. I know I should do a better job of buying local. There is, of course, the environmental damage of driving out there, but if I did a better job of planning my produce needs and buying more stuff it might prove worth it. Certainly should plan my rare trips out to Katy to include a stop at the market. It’s open every day. It reminds me of the farm stands around home when I was growing up, except without corn fields surrounding it. They did have sweet corn, but I wasn’t optimistic enough to buy some and hope it was anything special. They didn’t identify where most of the stuff was coming from, I’m OK with that, I’m pretty sure they really try to buy local whenever possible. They also had two specialty vendors, The San Saba River Pecan Company, out of San Saba, TX and represented by a Richmond company; and  Sciabica&Sons, a California olive oil producer, also repped by a local firm. Bought something from both of them, just because I was in a spending mood. They would never be the reason for going out there, though. One of my goals this summer was to check out as many of the local farmer’s markets as possible. We’re half way thru July and I’ve visited exactly one. Well begun is half done, right?

Your thoughts?

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