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I have added SavidgeReads to my list of sites that spark my thoughts. Wanted to let y’all know that I don’t do this casually. If I find an interesting website or blog I add it on to my favorites list and check it regularly and if it stands the test of time, I will add it to my blogroll. Still being the luddite blogger that I am, I don’t do the RSS feed or subscription; I want to check my favorite sites on my own time and not have to deal with emails telling me that a site has been updated. Same with twitter and following people and facebook – I really am possibly the most anti-social person I know who is trying to navigate the world of social media.

SavidgeReads has been consistently interesting. He does great book reviews, explaining in detail why he liked a book, without giving anything away. The pictures of the books in TBR shelves/boxes/piles around his home that he posted here are great, and make me feel both better (quantity) and worse (organization) about my own stacks. The post that really got my attention this last week, though, was this one. He passes along a posed question: Can you come up with books about happy, single ladies? I couldn’t think of any. Emily came up with the Kathy Reich series (on which the TV series “Bones” is based), and Sweet Potato Queens (which I’m not sure qualifies). His post and the comments by his readers are interesting. When I write my great American novel I must remember to have a happy, single, female main character who doesn’t end up with a guy in spite of herself at the end. Why do relationships drive most novels about women? Maybe that’s why I enjoy children’s books so much still – strong girl characters who are thinking about their future and growing up, maybe, but not how some guy will be needed to complete the picture.

Must confess that the Blue Willow link on my blogroll violates my usual rules. Girlboss is planning to do a major update of it, for now it is definitely a weak link (pun intended) of the bookstore. It is still the place to go for the latest Blue Willow event information. Like the Laura Ingraham event at Republic Harley Davidson on Monday. Haven’t sold many books yet, imagine it will be quite the crush on Monday.

Your thoughts?

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