Happy Friday Thoughts

Several happy random thoughts today:

1. It’s Friday. After all these years, it is still a happy day of the week.

2. It’s the end of this installment of “the Willow without Alice.” I survived, the store survived, customers got their special orders, and, as far as I can tell, I only forgot to reorder one title in a timely manner.

3. Top article in the Chronicle sports section today is about catching a ball in the stands at Minute Maid Park. I almost always take a glove to both minor and major league ball games. Catching a ball at a game is one of my goals in life. When I was about 8, my dad was going to be on a business trip over my birthday. He was planning to go to a baseball game (Pittsburgh, maybe?) and when he asked what I wanted for my birthday I told him I wanted him to catch me a ball at the game. He brought one back for me. Even at that age, I was pretty sure that he didn’t really catch it at the stadium for me, but I never, ever questioned him because I didn’t want to know if it wasn’t true. In the Chronicle article, Hunter Pence admits that he always tosses the balls to kids in the stands and he says it’s “really upsetting” when adults jump in front to grab them. In another 10 years I’m going to start carrying a sign to the park that says, “Trying to catch a ball at the park for the past 60 years, won’t you make an old lady happy?”

4. There’s another tropical storm heading to the gulf. I know that shouldn’t be a happy thought, but I’ve told y’all how fascinated I am by hurricane season. And besides, Bonnie is projected to stay weak, avoid Houston entirely, and not really be a problem for anybody.

5. Astros have been fun to watch again lately, well mostly. With a good weekend of games to watch and knit by, I should be able to finish the afghan I’m working on.

6. The wallpaper for the upstairs bathroom came in so we might actually be able to complete a weekend project in one weekend. Maybe.

7. We’re supposed to have a weekend break from the seemingly never ending thunderstorms of late. At least until Bonnie gets closer. Loki and I both think this is a very happy thought.

8. Husband shot down my latest idea for temporarily salvaging our upstairs hallway from the mess of carpet destruction (linoleum). There is no sense in recarpeting while Loki is still with us (five more years, max). I have a new, more temporary idea that I’m not sharing with husband.

9. The Poetry Daily poem for today is wonderful.

10. Top ten lists are overrated.

Your thoughts?

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