Changing Spaces – post 1

Woke up this morning and donned my red Trading Spaces shirt. We’re tackling the upstairs bathroom this weekend. I figure since it’s a pretty small space, our budget ought to be around $500 instead of the standard $1000. So…$500, one weekend, two mildly motivated participants and one small room. I’m taking a short break to blog here on Saturday afternoon since we have only one corner of wallpaper left to strip and we don’t both fit behind the toilet. I won the putty knife  toss for the first 15 minute break. The wallpaper we ordered came in yesterday ($185.04), but we still need some paint and all the fixtures. Probably will do a first shopping trip this afternoon and hope to be all set to go with the wallpaper first thing tomorrow morning. Been invited to the neighbor’s this evening so we’ve lost tonight for shopping.

Most important rule of wallpapering or any home decorating for that matter has been followed. This was passed down to me from my mother. She called us the morning that we were planning to rewallpaper the kitchen in our first house – our first major decorating project:

Mom: Have you started yet?

Me: No, we’re about to.

Mom: Good. Now as soon as we hang up, go kiss Cary and tell him you love him. Make sure you do it now, because you won’t feel like it once you get started.

As usual, it was good advice. Dang, my 15 minute respite is up. More later.

Your thoughts?

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