Changing Spaces – post 2

Donned the red Trading Spaces shirt again this morning, full of enthusiasm for the day ahead! At 3:20, we actually started to hang wallpaper. What were we doing all day you might ask? Well….we slept in, and then Cary can not be expected to do anything before reading the entire Sunday paper. We measured and thought thru the process and remeasured and rethought our thinking and then it was lunchtime. After lunch, Cary had to squeeze in his pre-project nap and I knit and watched the Astros whup up on the Reds. So we were really ready to go at 3:20. It all went relatively smoothly and we finished hanging the last piece at 8:50, with nary a spare sq ft. Cary did a great job and I was an able assistant, if I do say so myself. There was more laughing than yelling, which may be a (welcome) first. The wallpaper looks great, but the project is far from finished. We will probably be able to adhere to the $500 budget, but the single weekend timeframe is kaput. We’ll have to keep after it this week as the daughters come home next weekend and we really need to be finished by then. That may be the only thing keeping the two participants mildly motivated. Stay tuned for a final report.

Your thoughts?

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