Finding my voice

Officially two months into the blogging experiment now and I’m feeling sad that I don’t seem to have found my, or any, voice. I really thought this would be much easier. Don’t know why I thought that since I’ve never been able to keep a personal journalling experiment going for even this long. When I was only considering starting a blog I had all sorts of ideas, I was constantly thinking to myself, “I could blog about this.” I often go thru periods of unfocused thoughts, which are closely related to periods of self-imposed social hibernation, periods of questioning self worth (well, not so much self worth as self purpose), and periods of malaise and boredom. All of which are usually followed by periods of snapped out of it and periods of happy accomplishing. I think I thought that regular blogging would help focus the mind, schedule the time, organize the thoughts and goals, diminish the negative periods and expand the positive ones. It still might, I’m not giving up just yet, might still be able to attribute this slightly false start to the Houston summer which can suffocate the brightest of enthusiasms. Bring on October!

Want a new way to practice social hibernation yourself? Check out this blog entry from the Guardian. I refused to put the Book Depository site on my favorites…for now. It is strangely hypnotic and addicting, also makes me want to ask husband to buy a book so I can watch and see if it pops up on the map. The Guardian Book Blog is definitely one of my favorites and has earned it’s place of honor on my blogroll (Sites that Spark My Thoughts).  I would have linked you directly to the Book Depository site, but it really is even better with the author’s backstory about lurking about trying to see what other people are reading. I can totally relate.

Must share yesterday’s happy moment. Some of you may have read my previous entry on “The Prospect of Magic,” a new and not very well-known collection of short stories by M.O. Walsh. Well, I also posted a review on my Goodreads shelves. Walsh commented on my review, “You’ve no idea how happy this makes me. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book!” Which of course made me happy that I had made him happy. Ah, happiness goes around so easily, doesn’t it?

Your thoughts?

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