The Trading Deadline

This past weekend saw the passing of the trading deadline in baseball. I’m fluent in baseball – the rules of the game, but when it comes to baseball – the rules of the business, I’m out of my league. Because you can actually make trades after the deadline, but then players have to go thru waivers, whatever that means, something about other clubs being able to claim them. Whatevah. The Astros finally bit the bullet and made some major trades, sending Oswalt to the Phillies and Berkman to the Yankees. In return, they hopefully got quality young players who are still excited about playing for a team that wants them. I’ve been a longtime fan of RoyO and Lance, but I’m surprisingly OK with them moving on. It’s not like either of them were up for “Mr. Astro,” they were ready to move on and I’m happy watching kids who are thrilled to be in Houston. 

There was quite the flurry of trades at the last minute. Teams are usually either sellers (unloading expensive top talent) or buyers (picking up a critical piece for a pennant run), but one of the more unusual trades was between two last place teams; the Pirates and D’backs make a 6 player swap. That had to be more about some change of scenery and/or the right player in the right place.  And that got me thinking…

Back in college, one way we catorgized people that we met was if we would want them on our team or not. You know, like when you picked teams in recess, if you were life captain, would you pick this person? Now I’m thinking it would be even better if you could trade people. We all meet people who don’t seem to belong to the family/business/social scene where they are. Wouldn’t everyone be happier if they were somewhere else? I could trade my cousin for your aunt – or maybe my coworker for your boss – or my college roommate for your sorority sister. Yup, when I’m life captain I am so redistributing the talent.

Your thoughts?

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