Weekend Update

This past weekend found husband and I up in Denton, TX for a wedding. His first cousin once removed was getting married after being in Uganda for 2 years and back stateside for all of 3 weeks. What a brave and seemingly phenomenally well adjusted young man. Both bride and groom are huge book lovers and the reception was book-themed. We sat at Jane Eyre. The head table was Blue Like Jazz. So even surrounded by strangers, at least there were piles of books here and there, and I felt at home. Both bride and groom are Liberty College grads. We decided that the stunned silence that greeted us when we said we didn’t belong to a church was of the same duration as the stunned silence that greeted the rest of husband’s family if/when they said they were Catholic. It was really nice to visit with some of husband’s cousins who we hadn’t seen in years and hang out at the hotel with his family.

Not alot of sightseeing to be done around Denton, tho, especially when the temperature was over 100. The square around the county courthouse is alive and well, I presume the bars get pretty busy when school is in session. We drove around the TexasWomen’sUniversity campus and saw some of the North Texas campus from the interstate. Had planned to hop over to Plano to say goodbye to Legacy Books which is closing this week, but then we realized the hop was more like a trek and thought better of it. We did cool off in Recycled Books and Records which is in the old Opera House building near the courthouse. I can always kill time in a bookstore, and kill my budget as well. Picked up an extra copy of The Last Hurrah, because I felt it needed saving and a good home, a couple of classics that one of the boyfriends is trying to accumulate, and a CD that husband deserved for putting up with my book buying.

I always forget how big and sprawling and confusing the Dallas-Ft Worth area is. I never seem to be able to get my bearings when I visit or even just drive through. And 100 degree August weekends are not the time to be out sightseeing and driving across the Metroplex. I’ve think we’ve covered Denton, but I’m sure there are other spots around there that would be worth another weekend someday. But not in August.

Your thoughts?

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