Nearing the end of Mom Mode

Well, older daughter packed everything she owned into Lucille, her red Mazda 3, this morning and took off for West Lafayette, IN. She has one more year at Purdue. Rubeus, the gentle giant Ford Expedition will soon be loaded with all younger daughter’s worldly possessions and we’ll be off to deliver her to Washington University in St. Louis. And then I’ll be ready to get out of Mom Mode.

It’s been delightful having them around this summer. Really and truly. And they are not at all demanding. But somehow, I still slip into Mom Mode and forget about doing anything for myself. It’s not like I kept the house any cleaner, or even did their laundry, but my brain was all focused on their schedule and their plans and what they needed to do before heading back to school. I enjoy only thinking about husband’s and my schedule. I want to spend more time concentrating on doing right by myself. I think about them all the time when they are at school, and have some form of communication with one or both or them pretty much every day. But I don’t really worry about them. I know there is nothing I can be doing for them when they are gone. I am confident that they have all the skills and knowledge to survive and succeed and thrive in their current situations.

I’ll miss them. But I’m ready.

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