Quote of Today

I love Sally Brown. You know, Charlie’s little sister. I love the idea of life philosophies being summed up in short, catchy phrases; and I love how easily she gloms onto a new one. The bookstore was the source of the quote of today, and I think it’s my new philosophy (cue the song from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”)

But first, the backstory. Girlboss challenged me to answer the Will Shortz weekly quiz question that had uncharacteristically stumped her family this weekend. The question went something like this:

Take the name of a country. Remove one or two letters in that name that are a symbol in the periodic table. Replace them with another symbol from the periodic table and have the name of a second country. By example, take ARUBA and remove the AR, replace it with C, and you have CUBA. Aruba is not technically a country, but there are two other sets of countries that will fit this puzzle.

So the K clan got one pair, and girlboss challenged me to come up with the other one. I have included the answers at the end of this post, so don’t read ahead if you want to try to solve this yourself.

Since I was, of course, sitting at the computer in the back room, I opened up a list of countries of the world in one window and the periodic table in another. The right resources make all the difference and I came up with the solution fairly quickly. In announcing my find, I declared that I didn’t feel smart since I had brute-forced the solution, but I did feel acccomplished. That’s when one of our teen employees gave the quote of the day – “That’s good because there are a lot of smart people, but not many accomplished ones.” YES!!

As promised, here are the two solutions to the puzzle, encrypted in the seventh inning stretch so your eyes don’t pick them out when you begin reading this post. Taalkge emre ioaunt itgo etrhie abmaallltgaammael, itake me out to the crowd. Every other letter will spell out the name of four countries.

Your thoughts?

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