Stuttering into the Empty Nest

Ah, our first weekend with an empty nest. Well, not really. Boyfriend #1 came to visit us this weekend. He’s feeling a little lonely in Ft.Worth, summer friends are moving away, hasn’t met many people his age yet, whatever. So he drove down to Houston to do laundry and hang with his girlfriend’s parents and high school buds. Works for me since he’s flying to Purdue for Labor Day weekend and we loaded him up with the stuff that daughter forgot. Saves me a trip to the post office!

We trekked back up to the Southern Star Brewery in Conroe. Drank free beer, ate bratwurst and pulled pork sandwiches, chatted with strangers, and played YamSlam.  An awesome game from Blue Orange that we carry at Blue Willow, of course. The travel version has definitely become my take-anywhere game of choice (with the omnipresent deck of cards and dice.) It’s similar to Yahtzee, but faster to play.

Also bought everything we need to finish the bathroom except for the small curtain that I know what I want now just have to find it.  Haven’t installed everything yet and still have painting to do. I know you are all waiting for the final Changing Spaces Girls Bathroom Edition posting, but you’ll just have to wait a little longer. Fortunately husband and I are pretty much on the same page as far as procrastination and projects are concerned so drawn out projects like this don’t cause much marital strife. It’s just a sad situation.

Astros have been fun to watch, sweeping four from the Phillies, but then dropping two of three to the Mets. Progress is being made on the sock I’m currently knitting, but the ironing is still piling up. Some people might not think those two sentences belong in the same paragraph, but you all know better.

The bookstore is busy,  gearing up for lots of events. Alice is still awol, well, she’s actuall awl but still. We’ve got some upgrades to our in store computers that seem to be running very well, and some upgrades to our offsite systems that desperately to be tested out BEFORE our next offsite event. Guess what’s rapidly moving up on my priority to-do list at work?

So this upcoming week really will be our first full one with an empty nest. And will it be any different? No, but I’ll keep you posted anyway.

Your thoughts?

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