First Semester Reading Challenge

Now available, just for readers of Thoughts from the back, a reading challenge! Your goal, if you choose to accept it, is read a book to complete each of the 10 tasks between September 1 and December 31, 2010. Shamelessly stolen from the Goodreads Seasonal Reading Challenge group and tweaked just a bit, the tasks are listed in the Reading Challenge tab above. I’ll attempt to complete my own challenge while bumbling along in the Goodreads group. If I feel like it I may even award prizes to people who finish my challenge and let me know about it. I’ll be posting my own progress here on the blog.

I think the tasks are fairly self-explanatory. There are plenty of web resources to find commonly banned and challenged books. There are other lists of common misspelled words, too, but this is the required list to use for the GR challenge so I just went with it.

Feel free to share my challenge with your friends. I don’t think anyone should need an excuse to pick up a book, but if I can motivate anyone to read a little more then I will feel like I accomplished something. Which, as you know, is my current new philosophy.

Your thoughts?

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