Happy Wednesday Thoughts

Ah, hump day this week brings so many moments of little happinesses that I just had to share them here.

1. Alice is back! Not that she’s made it into the store yet, and I still have to work her Friday morning shift, but…Alice is back!! And everyone else at the bookstore will also be happy that they don’t have to listen to me whine anymore.

2. The Texas State Fair is doing it again.

3. Today marks the beginning of the new Goodreads Seasonal Challenge. AND I have been randomly selected to create a task for it because my birthday falls during the challenge period. Such responsibility!

4. This is Labor Day Weekend, which means neither husband nor I have to work Monday. Might we actually get the bathroom finished? (Don’t hold your breath.)

5. Both daughters seem happy and settling in for the semester. Happy children is definitely a sign of an accomplished parent, in my book.

6. There are 3 named storms swirling about the Atlantic. Earl and Fiona, which may brush the east coast and Gaston, path unknown. Time to go into weather junkie mode and maybe even take stock of our hurricane preparations.

7. The beloved Astros are SO much fun to watch these days! Swept the Cardinals to start the homestand. Now  likely to pass the Brewers in the standings and currently with a winning record at home. Start the cheers now – “We’re #3!” and “We’re Not Half Bad!”

8. Currently sipping one of my favorite seasonal brews, Blue Moon’s Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale.

9. September at least brings the HOPE that cooler evenings and mornings might be on the way. Not the promise, but the hope.

10. Top ten list are still overrated.

Have a happy day, everyone!

Your thoughts?

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