Changing Spaces – Post 4 and Final

OK, what started on July 24 is officially ending on September 7. Not too bad for a small project around this house – sad, but true. And is the bathroom actually finished? Finished. It’s such a final sort of word. House projects, and even general housework, always seem to me to be like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. By the time you finish, it’s time to start it all over again. Husband has promised to complete the touchups and the can of paint this evening, there are still 4 knobs to be put on cabinet doors, and everything needs to be put away. But it is essentially finished, I even sewed and hung the curtain for the window yesterday. It turned out nice, all in all. Whimsical still, but no longer childish. Bright and happy, grownup enough, perhaps a bit girly, and with the coolest t.p. holder I have ever seen – it swivels up to reload. Yes, we chose all the fixtures because of the loading style of the t.p. holder. You gotta start somewhere. As long as the weather stays hot and wet I can’t get too enthused about all the outside projects that are looming, so I guess it’s time to think about the next inside project. So many possibilities! But for now, the red Trading Spaces shirt will be washed and hung up in the closet, waiting for that first enthusiastic day of the next project.

Your thoughts?

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