Not so bad

It’s nice to work someplace where even your bad days end up being not so bad afterall…

So it all started with getting to work early this morning to be ready for an upgrade and dry run of our offsite computers. Let me point out that getting to work early means getting there at 8:00 am. Any job for which early means 8 am is pretty darn sweet to start with. I was greeted with the comment that both laptops needed to be connected directly to the internet. No problem, I thought, we’ll just unplug the network cable from computer 4 and plug the cable into the second laptop. Really – I only unplugged/replugged ONE cable. And then, voila, we had NO internet anywhere. Sigh. Frantically plugging/unpluggling/powering off/powering on/calling India (tech support)/call the tech god (husband)/admitting to the software dude that we were obviously UNABLE to do the upgrade/dry run and reinforcing his (unvoiced) opinion that we are bunch of computer IDIOTS. Drove to the ATT store and purchased a new modem/router gateway. Methodically read directions and installed the new hardware. Four hours after our early start…VICTORY! Murphy’s Law: Blue Willow Version. One staffer declared, “It’s always one thing or another isn’t it?” To which I replied, “No, it’s ALWAYS the F%#$ing computers.” We’re on again for tomorrow morning at 7:30. I’m sure I’ll be dreaming of worst case scenarios.

After that, the day got better. Not that there was lots of downhill room at that point. I did come home from work and decide that today was the day. My first year in Houston, June 1 came and I declared that I was miserable and it was time to move back HOME. Home being Chicagoland where summer was a tolerable season and not the most miserable batten-down-the-hatches-and-hole-up-inside month(s) of my life. For many years, the date slowly shifted later on the calendar as I at least knew what to expect. Now, after 26 years, the date of I-can’t-stand-it-anymore floats randomly throughout Septmber and the first cool front of October. It was today. I’m tired of wearing shorts and sandals and capris. I want jeans and tennisshoes and sweatshirts. I put on jeans and tennies. I’m not suicidal (sweaticidal?) enough to break out the sweatshirts yet.

Then it was back to the bookstore for the Liz and Gianna show. My two favorite sales reps, both from Random House, came to share their thoughts on their favorite books for fall and winter. Gianna is the most deadpan person I have ever met. Liz is one of the most unique. Not only are they fun and funny to listen to, they are passionate about the books they like and there is nothing better than a passionate reviewer for getting me excited about reading. You’ll likely be reading reviews of some of their recommendations here in the near future.

I was home in time to watch CJ’s impressive homerun against the Dodgers. They are winning 3-2 now, here’s hoping they’ll hold on for another win. Really, life is good.

Your thoughts?

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