More Lifetimelines

Yesterday’s post was a bit serious now, wasn’t it? The more my mind plays with my lifetimelines, the more realistic my lifetimelines become…

I could definitely do one containing time-sucking addictions. There were the pinball years. Assorted “must watch” TV shows (in the days before TiVo). The Tetris years (though our generic version was called Nyet and the addiction only ended when we uninstalled the program from our computer so that I could sleep and take care of baby daughter). The very long and still running Age of Empires addiction (which has been tempered by the new monitor which distorts the image and gives me a headache). Thank heavens I’m not on Facebook (yet) and so have steered cleared of Farmville (for now).

Some people might have good habit lifetimelines, like the running years, the vegetarian years, the yoga years…but those would be lifetimeblips for me, not lines. Sigh.

Then there’s blogging. Hooray for Austin Kleon for giving this the dignity it deserves, and I’m happy to agree with him, but I fear my blogging falls more into the timesuck category, especially since it has opened up a much larger (and more time-consuming) world of trolling and reading the blogosphere. There’s the Goodreads timeline, overlaid with the Seasonal Reading Challenge timeline. Why do I care what other people are reading? Why don’t I just turn off the computer and read a book myself. I can not explain it. But husband has started shaking his head and rolling his eyes whenever he sees Goodreads up on the monitor. I fear he’s planning an intervention.

Your thoughts?

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