Weekend Update

It was a good weekend at Chez Drott, or actually not at Chez Drott as we actually got out and did some fun stuff.

On Saturday we went to Buchanan’s Native Plants in the Heights. Dr. David Creech, the head of the Stephen F. Austin University Horticulture Department was giving a talk entitled “50 Plants You Shouldn’t Live Without”. It was very educational and entertaining with a surprise bonus that he actually gave away every plant that he talked about. Husband got a yellow evening primrose (a dependable tough native) and I won the Opal Eyes tuberose. Both of our plants are fairly common (though new to us), but some were quite unusual. A few came with the comment, “this is the only one in the Houston area so make sure you email me and let me know how it did here.” I’m glad ours didn’t come with any pressure like that! We both really enjoyed ourselves and will make an attempt to do more of this sort of thing. Actually talked to a friend of a friend who was also there and often traipses down to Buchanan’s, making me feel a tad guilty since she lives farther away than we do. Dr. Creech also handed out a brochure on the SFA Gardens. We drive thru (well, actually, around) Nacogdoches several times a year on our treks to the midwest and now have a reason to stop and, literally, smell the roses.

Saturday night we went to the Flying Saucer and then to the Astos game. The game was miserable and long, with the good guys losing 8-1, but there was a Robert Earl Keen concert along the third base dugout after the game. It was pleasant, we stayed for most of it, but husband was getting a little antsy and I was just getting a little tired.

Sunday was my birthday outing with my dear friends from the neighborhood (and slightly beyond.) We went up to Mercer Arboretum, off of I45 and 1960 on the north side of town. One of those places I’d been meaning to get to… It was actually a bit more than I was expecting. One side is planted gardens and beds, nicely labelled, and in surprisingly good shape for this time of year. It’s laid out nicely, you could stroll around for a long time and get lots of ideas for your own garden. It was overcast with a light breeze which made it slightly better than bearable in the middle of September. There is a whole second side to the arboretum that is larger and untamed with some nice long hiking loops. The mosquitos were pretty fierce in the woods which blocked the breeze so we didn’t hike too long. Definitely a place to go back to, to see the gardens at different times of year and to enjoy the hiking when the weather is cooler.

Capped off the outing with lunch, great conversations, and perfect birthday presents from these friends who know me so well. Too well, perhaps? Sock yarn custom dyed in Astros colors, a personalized crossword puzzle, a spoon rest, case of beer, knitting needle case, and a pair of pewter earrings. Really, these people know me .

Your thoughts?

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