Four Months In

As of today I am officially four months into the (not so) great blogging experiment. The biggest thing I can take away from it all is that it is a lot more work and takes a lot more time than I would’ve thought. I wasn’t expecting it to be a walk in the park, but being a regular blogger is a major commitment. I think I’ve done OK, but I was really planning to blog at least three times a week, and often I realize that five or more days have gone by since my previous post. I was imagining that I would be sharing all kinds of wonderful things that I found surfing the net, but it takes a lot of time to see what all is out there. I was imagining that I would be, by turns, amazingly charming and witty and insightful. Pppfffshttw! But I’m still having fun and still think this is a worthwhile exercise for my brain and my fingers – on to month five!

Happy to report that fall has made an appearance in Houston. In the words of the Houston Chronicle’s SciGuy

Welcome to fall. It’s been more than four months since Houston had an overnight low temperature below 65 degrees — since May 9, actually — and we’re going to enjoy several of them this week. It’s a pretty good feeling after Houston’s fourth warmest summer on record.

It has been lovely this week. I remember last spring as being rather long (despite that it ended on May 9, evidently) and, actually, this feels like a relatively early beginning to fall. Add to that the fact that Houston saw no hurricane activity and you have to chalk this up as a pretty decent summer. I know it’ll get hot and muggy again, and I know that the official hurricane season has another month, but for me the cabin fever days of summer have passed for another year.

I have declared the official demise of the 2010 hurricane emergency stash. Think I’ll actually try to use up all the jugs of drinking water just in case there really are some nasty chemicals that might leach out of the plastic if I store them for another year. I’ll let you know if the morning coffee tastes any better brewed with bottled water.  Also I needed another jar of peanut butter and was really hungry for those granola bars…

Your thoughts?

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