From the Backroom at the Willow

Busy days at Blue Willow. The new and improved website is still in development, but you can visit the old site and see all the events we have going on. Already this week we hosted an author who said, “I’m really very easy to get along with, as long as you do everything I say.” Can you guess why they never invite me to schmooz with the author divas? Tomorrow night we have three simultaneous off site events. Some staffers are heading to Houston Socialite Extraordinaire’s home to provide books at a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  The founder and head of the foundation, Nancy Brinker, has written a memoir entitled Promise Me: How a Sister’s Love Launched the Global Movement. The book has gotten great reviews and hers is definitely an inspiring story. Then there’s a large contingent of staff heading over to a school where Rachel Simmons will be talking about her book, Curse of the Good Girl. Fortunately my daughters seemed to survive those horrible middle school years with self-esteem intact. But I think Simmons has a great message for girls and their parents. This is a rare ticketed event for the Willow. That is to say,  you must buy a ticket in order to attend the event. Now the ticket is essentially the price of the book, and you do get a copy of the book. It was actually a requirement by the author/publisher.  We’ll be doing a major debriefing after this one. I get to go down to the Wortham with A. and sell books at the Progressive Forum’s event with Eric Schlosser. Daughter #2 had to read his book, Fast Food Nation, for some class in high school and she complained so much that I read it, too, so I could defend the teacher’s choice. Ha! Daughter was right all along. I definitely would have liked it better as a magazine article. He was so preachy. Not that I think fast food is worth my time to defend, but I think it has a place. The more I think about tomorrow night, the more I want Burger King for dinner tonight. Yup, definitely a whopper night.

This will be my second time to do an event at the Wortham for the Progressive Forum. They do bring in some interesting people. The best part about it is getting to park inside the Wortham. You drive up and if all goes well, the guard opens the door to the loading dock and you drive in and they close it behind you. Really it’s great because it is so convenient (especially since I always lose my car in the underground theater district parking garage). But Rubeus (the Expedition) feels SO important he just purrs all the way home. I’ve already told him about it so he won’t complain about hauling the quarter ton of books down there in the first place. Husband was not impressed when I pointed out my parking space on our way to the baseball game the other day. I think he was just jealous.

Your thoughts?

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