Reading Challenge Update

September is over, October is here, one month down…here’s how I’m doing on the Reading Challenges:

Thoughts from the back First Semester Reading Challenge

(for a list of the challenge tasks, click on the reading challenge tab at the top of this blog)

I’ve completed 2 of 10 tasks. I read Crank by Ellen Hopkins for task 4 (Freedom to Read: Read a banned or challenged book) and The Turning by Tim Winton for task 5 (Shorter Days: Read a book of short stories). Happy to have read both of them, but can’t give either of them a ringing endorsement, at least not to any of the  4 people who read my blog regularly. With 4 months to complete this challenge, I am running a tad behind schedule. I do have books picked for at least 3 more tasks.

GoodReads Fall Challenge

I’ve completed 3 of 53 tasks for 30 of a possible 890 points. That sounds really pitiful, I know. But my personal goals are 10 tasks and/or 300 points, so that sounds just a little less pitiful. I have also completed half of 2 tasks (1 book read, but 2 books required). I have books picked for a total of 16 tasks worth 200 points. This is only a 3 month challenge, so I obviously need to spend less time on goodreads on the computer, less time obsessing over filling in my challenge spreadsheet, and more time actually doing good reading. I’m about half way thru one now that I’m thinking will be worth a short BookThought post when I finish.

Hope all of you are finding some time for some pleasure reading!

Your thoughts?

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