Happy Thoughts for the Weekend

Have had a pleasant assemblage of small happinesses this week, and I am pleased to share them all with you.

1. Husband braved the disdainful looks from the pros at Bike World and took my 25 yr old steed in for a tuneup. I worked thru my own embarassment, picked it up, and bought myself a new helmet to replace the one that had disintegrated with age and garage storage. It’s old, it’s fairly heavy, but it’s everything I need in a bike and I am so happy to have it back in working order and I PROMISE I will use it. And my new helmet is black and gold, in a paisley/swirly sort of way.

2. Went to our last baseball game of the season last night. The Astros lost, but it was a beautiful evening and the roof was open. (They “popped the top” as they say in baseball lingo, which was in one of the scoreboard quizzes last night.) We stayed for the Friday Night Fireworks, which were fantastic as usual. And, maybe best of all, sometime between innings fairly late in the game I heard this very familiar theme song. Craning my head to see the screen, I heard those famous words, “If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team” which then went into a glorious montage of great Astros plays from this season cut in with scenes from the movie. So yes, except for the final score, I was so happy.

3. It is October. I bought myself a bag of candy corn, making me fat and happy. I can put out my limited, but happiness inducing, fall/halloween decorations. We bought some mums for the front flower bed. Which probably won’t grow, but I love the smell of mum plants, reminiscent of the first job that I ever got all by myself. The guy at the end of the street who always goes totally overboard, filling (and I mean FILLING) his entire front yard with gravestones and gross tableaux scenes and monsters and, last year, a hearse finally has put something out that makes me happy…the coolest ghost pirate ship. It was alone for most of the week, but today he is out there cramming the yard with all the other stuff.  I’ll keep on my happy blinders and try to just notice the ship.

4. The daughters are spending the weekend together. I’d be happier to be visiting them myself, but it does make me happy knowing they are enjoying each other’s company.

5. The Wortham/Progressive Forum event went well, except for the part about not selling many books. Rubeus got to park inside at the loading dock again, and this time we got a pass use the locked elevator. It was a left over and said, “Secret Service” on it. Rubeus and I BOTH felt important. Also, I had one of those seriously punchy, lose yourself in laughter moments with A. It’s hard to explain, but we were working on writing copy for the store’s holiday catalog. Girlboss often says that she wants to have something in the catalog that can be a gift for that odd brother-in-law who is a little off beat. So I had this odd relative thought in my head as we were trying to describe this book that instructs you how to do Origami with recycled stuff from around the house. I added at the end, “Too bad you can’t turn Uncle Ned into something useful this easily.” And we were off, throwing Uncle Ned comments into at least half of the reviews. Yes, you had to be there, but we were both crying with some of our wittinesses. I imagine Uncle Ned will be referenced at most Wednesday morning meetings from here on out.

Here’s hoping you find lots of your own small happinesses in the week ahead!

Your thoughts?

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