The Christening

So, I took the recently refurbished trusty steed out for a ride today. Rode over to the library along the bayou hike/bike path. It was a leisurely 15 min ride, the perfect distance for this born-again biker. The bike store dude invited me to his Sunday morning 14 mile beginner biker ride. FOURTEEN miles?! Are you kidding me?! I’m thinking it’s about 2 miles to the library and I was very content to take a little break and peruse the stacks before I headed back. I’ll try to work up to there-and-back with just using the drive/pedal thru book drop.

During my riding daydream, I was thinking that the trusty steed really needs a name. I had previously considered it’s name to be Roc…… whatever Don Quixote’s horse’s name was. But I never knew how to pronounce it, not to mention spell it, so it was always just an in-my-head name.  Now that I’m trying to exercise my mind by blogging as well as exercise my body by biking, I think it needs a name I can spell. And besides, daughter #2 (who apparently keeps track of how many times she get mentioned in this blog) has informed me that Don Quixote really doesn’t deserve a spot in my to-be-read queue. (Though she does think Bullpen Gospels belongs….I love  non-snobby liberal arts majors.) Trusty Steed seemed sort of right, and then I thought I could abbreviate it to T.S. And that just reminded me of Eliot and THAT felt like the perfect name. So here’s to Eliot – may we have some grand times together! I suppose now I’ll have to consider reading something by T.S. Eliot. Hmmmmm.

I was geared up for a major Eco Judgement, since I used zero gasoline to get to the library. There were a couple of small cars in the fuel efficient vehicle spots, a hybrid mini-van thing, and 3 others of questionable fuel efficiency, but no Hummers or Suburbans. It was such a nice day and the parking lot was quite full, so I’ll just feel smug and righteous without actually chastising anyone else. Here’s hoping they at least roll down the windows instead of using their air-conditioners.

One thought on “The Christening

  1. Rocinante is the name of Don Quixote’s horse and translated out of latin it breaks into Rocin = Nag and Ante = before. so before it was a nag now it is a fine steed in the mind of D.Q.

    that being said, i like T.S. Eliot as a name better.

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