My Reading Life

I shouldn’t have been surprised, afterall, Pat Conroy is one of my favorite authors and his South of Broad is one of my favorite books of the year. But still, My Reading Life ? Billed as “Conroy revisits  a life of reading through an array of wonderful anecdotes,” I didn’t have high hopes. In fact, I was afraid it would result in Conroy being a few inches lower on his pedestal. Sometimes I am so happy to be wrong.

Not only can the man write, which I already knew, but his southern charm,  wit, and passion for language and reading all shine through brightly in this memoir-ish book. Never have I read such a spirited and personal defense of the importance of reading. Conroy writes about some of the people, places, and books that have been  mentors, guides, and inspirations in his life and his writing. This book could be all that and more to a reader today.

The man is a national treasure and almost makes me want to claim to be a real southerner.

Your thoughts?

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