Sleeper’s Block

A very weird dream sequence last night. The details are a bit fuzzy now that I’m fully awake, but here’s the gist. I was listening to some group sing a song which was very pleasant, but then someone I was with said, “Oh, you really have to listen to the lyrics, they are so clever.” So I clearly heard the indeed very clever lyrics (tho I can’t recall any of them now.) Then, as an encore, the group was going to perform a very clever play. The title was something like The Pumpkin and the Pigeon, clearly stemming from the pumpkin ale I had been enjoying before bed and Mo Willems books which I’d heard being read at the elementary school library earlier in the day (nevermind that it was actually Knufflebunny). Then I woke up. And I realized – really knew it to be fact – that I had woken up because my brain couldn’t come up with any clever dialog to allow the dream play to continue. I know I often get writer’s block, especially when I start thinking I need to be blogging more, but SLEEPER’S BLOCK!?!

Your thoughts?

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