The days slip by so fast in the blogosphere. Have I really negelected my posting priorities for that long? Here’s my defense du jour: Way too many of my friends seem to be facing crises in their lives right now. Mostly real, but some imagined. Trivial and very, very serious. So blogging/whining/lauding my own life and it’s ups and downs just feels out of place at this moment. So I bring you chookooloonks and have added the link to my Sites That Spark My Thoughts blogroll.

I’ve been following this blog by Karen Wolrond for a while now, actually since I ran across it as the only coverage I could find of the Houston TEDx conference.  She left a successful, yet unsatisfying career (in law, I believe) and began putting her photography talents on display with a blog. Her first book, The Beauty of Different was just published by Bright Sky Press. She is an amazingly positive person, yet still realistic. Yes, they can go together. She blogs enough about her own life that you can feel like you know her a bit, and that you wouldn’t mind knowing her more. At some point I realized that I had met her once a few years ago at a Blue Willow event. Her optimism hit my cynical bone on that evening, but after following her blog regularly I’m now a believer.

So check out chookooloonks. I linked you to her full website, you might enjoy learning more about her and her projects, but you can just click on the blog tag at the top and go directly to her blog. She really does find honest beauty with her words and music and especially her photos. A refreshing stop in the blogosphere, and a word that just sounds happy, besides.

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