Reading Challenge Update

It’s the end of another month, time to see how I’m doing on the reading challenges.

(If you are new to this blog and have no idea what I’m talking about, click on the Reading Challenge page tab at the top of this blog.)

In the Thoughts from the Back first semester reading challenge I have completed four out of ten tasks. We are at the halfway point of this challenge, so I am a little behind. I need to focus on the three uncompleted tasks that are shared by the GoodReads Fall Reading Challenge, which ends at the end of November. I need to read a book with a fall leaf color in the title (maybe The Red Pyramid, because I can’t think of anything else), a book authored by someone whos initials can be found in the word Thanksgiving (maybe Good Omens by Neil Gaiman) and a book with the name of a city in the title (I checked Winesbug, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson out of the library yesterday). That would still leave me three tasks to complete in December.

For the GoodReads Fall Reading Challenge, I have completed 7 tasks, read 3667 pages, and earned 80 points. I thought 300 points would be a good goal, but then I thought I should perhaps focus on tasks instead of points and I picked 10 tasks as my goal. Good thing I went with the tasks. If I complete the dual tasks listed above, I will make my 10 task goal. I also have 3 higher point tasks half completed, but that would be a 6 book month. Probably unrealistic with houseguests and Thanksgiving happening.

Hopefully the reading challenge is inspiring you to read a little more, or pick up something you might otherwise pass by. If not, well, it amuses me at least.

Your thoughts?

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