A Paler Shade of Green

I am a big believer in moderation. I can’t seem to ever commit 100% to things. So I try to downward moderate my bad habits, and upward moderate my good activities. I’m sorry if that’s not good enough, but really, I try in my own little way.

So one trait that I try to increase is my green-ness. I like to think of myself as being a bit of an environmentalist, but I have a long way to go. I am very excited to report that I finally have a compost bin in the backyard. I’ve been telling husband for some time that I really wanted one, but we didn’t get spurred into action until last month’s water bill arrived. Included was a little insert announcing a half price compost bin and rain barrel sale at two locations in the city.  Whohoo, I was all over that. So we picked it up a couple weekends ago and installed it in the back garden. Now I happily compost all my kitchen waste, most regularly coffee grounds. I realize that it will take roughly ten years to fill this thing up.

Now, we could fill it quickly if we put in lawn mowings, but we usually just mulch in place. Might have to bag some just for composting purposes. So far, no incredibly disgusting bugs have greeted me when I’ve taken off the lid. That was what sunk the open-air compost pile a few years back. That and  getting scratched by the rusty wire that tried to hold it all  in a pile. I’m very happy with my black, recycled, plastic bin.

One plus already: I feel much less guilty when I can compost instead of throw away all the fruits and veggies that have gone bad in the fridge. You see, I get all fired up to eat healthy when I’m at the grocery store, and then everything just gets forgotten once it gets home. Yup, another area in which I still need to improve to reach moderation.

Your thoughts?

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