Much eventfulness in the past few days, and much more eventfulness in the offing. Here’s a quick recap:

Daughter #1 is officially engaged. Looks to be a long-ish engagement while school/job/life sorts itself out, but we’re happy to see daughter and fiance so happy with their commitment to each other.

The prodigal sister whirled into town for four days accompanied by her fellow traveller. They are here from India on a four month road trip around the U.S. You can follow their adventures on their blog, Whirling through America. Had a wonderful visit with both of them including a night at ComedySportz, an evening with friends that included dyeing yarn with koolaid and eating an authentic Indian meal, a trip down to Space Center Houston, and much laughing and catching up.

Blue Willow is hosting Condoleeza Rice this Wednesday. It’s going to be a huge event , and I’m hoping to be able to hear the program this time. Fortunately Rubeus’ battery was able to be jumped and recharged after last week’s mental lapse by husband (I am SO glad I’m not the one who did it this time), so he is ready to haul stanchions for crowd control as well as books and computer gear over to the event venue.

And Thanksgiving is coming fast. Which is very good as this is that time of year when I always really seem to start missing the daughters. Haven’t seen either of them since they started this school year, it will be very good to have them home for a bit.

Hoping that regular blogging will help keep me sane thru the whole holiday season. Right now I can’t even seem to string together  coherent thoughts about anything. My brain seems to only be able to generate incomplete  to-do lists. Hopefully I won’t have to resort to blogging that.

Your thoughts?

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