Maybe I am Half-Full

Healthcare reform.

Don’t run off screaming. I shall keep my true feelings about healthcare reform to myself, for now. This post is actually about a conversation I had the other day, and a slight aha moment shortly thereafter.

Generally, I stay clear of politics and controversy in my friendships. I am very happy to agree to disagree with many of my friends and we just stay clear of those topics. But every once in a while I can’t resist baiting a hook, or taking a bite proffered to me. I have a friend who is far more conserative than me, and these days probably aligns best with the Tea Party.  She was telling me a woeful tale of being stuck in the middle of some serious health insurance runaround and red tape and, knowing better, I made some comment like, “I just hope they don’t toss the entire health care reform program.” With true shock in her face she said, “You actually want to keep Obamacare?”

Me: You have to admit the current system is not working.

Friend: The government just needs to stay out of it.

Me: The government is already in it – Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

Friend: And those programs are bankrupt.

Me: But there are some great parts in the plan. You are currently having issues getting coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

Friend: It’s just going to be a bonanza for the lawyers.

Me: So  you would rather just leave the current, broken system, than try to enact some changes.

Friend: Not Obamacare, the gov’t will just make it worse.

That was about all we could take before sighing at each other and moving on. Well, I actually thought I sounded much more intelligent than what is written above, and we both made some specific points, but whatever. My aha moment came when I realized  the actual difference between us: I am willing to give something new a try in hopes that it will be better. She would rather stay with the status quo, confident that anything new will be worse. I guess that deep-down, I really am an optimist. Here’s to a me – pour me a half-glass-ful of beer!

Your thoughts?

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