The Phone?

It was one of those moments that I dread. Time for a new cell phone. The daughters had 2+ yr old iphones that were showing their age, the husband was ready for a smart phone, and the contract was able to be renewed. I love my old phone. It was just what I needed and I was comfortable using all the features that I cared to use. But the battery life was fading fast and I just hate to turn down a new phone when it is “free”. And there is NEVER an option to just get a new version of the old beloved phone, it is always at least 3 generations out of production.

So my beloved LG Shine is retired (but being hung onto in case of emergency) and I am the new owner of a red Sony Ericsson W518a. Yes, I think the red part is very important. On the cover of the user guide, that is exactly what the device is called (well, not the red part), a Sony Ericsson W518a. The word “phone” does not appear on the title of the user guide.

Thirty-one pages into the guide is where you find information about making and receiving calls.

Husband had threatened to buy me a Jitterbug, so I am not complaining, but really? Thirty one pages before you get to the part about the Sony Ericsson W518a being a telephone?!? Sigh.

I’m sure I’ll adjust quickly, but it will take some getting used to, and I’m really glad that there IS a user guide included, in a pleasantly flip-throughable paper format, even if I have to get to page 31 before I learn how to make a call.

Your thoughts?

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