Reading Challenge Update

A new month and time for an update on my Reading Challenges.

The Thoughts From the Back First Semester Reading Challenge has one month to go and  I still have four tasks to complete! Here’s what I have left:

1. Fall Colors – still haven’t picked a book for this that I’m really excited about.

2. THANKSGIVING – I’m currently reading something by Tom Holt, so I’m good here.

3. Are You Ready for Some Football – open to suggestions

9. Learn from Your Mistakes – I have You Lost Me There in my pile for this one.

In November, I read Winesburg, Ohio which completed Task 6 – City Lights and Task 8 – Fall Equinox (with Finders Keepers). I better get cracking (and open some books) if I want to finish my own challenge.

The Goodreads Fall Seasonal Reading Challenge is over. I finished with 170 points, 12 tasks completed, and 5278 pages read. With a little last day rearranging, I didn’t leave any completed books out of the final tally. I improved from the summer challenge, but I’d love to crack 200 points.

I have decided to (mostly) sit out the Winter Challenge. I’m going to read what I want, and probably not as much as I want, at least in December, and then try to find a place for the book on the task list. I just don’t have the time or inclination to do a lot of reading planning right now.  I did get picked randomly to design a task for the challenge,  so that will give me a reason to check in on the challenge group. And I plan to do a second semester Thoughts From the Back Reading Challenge at the beginning of the year, even if Daughter #1 and I are the only ones who use it.

Your thoughts?

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