Random Observations of a Weekend

It was a lovely weekend for a wedding in Oxford, MS.  Likely my last visit to that charming, off-the-beaten interstate town as the sister-in-law is moving to North Carolina in a few weeks. The wedding went off without a hitch and it was great to gather with most all the family for such a happy event. Discovered the new yarn shop in town so had a happy few minutes with the daughters touching and looking over all their wares. Husband was even impressed with the store bicycle which is completely knit-wrapped. Made a final pilgrimage to all three Square Books stores in town and gave them a farewell gift by purchasing stuff.  Tipped my invisible hat to Elvis in the Read poster on the second floor – ’til we meet again, King!

Clarified an important aspect of my personality on the trip, too. We split the drive there into two days and stopped and spent the night in Shreveport at the Horseshoe Casino. Lovely spot with very affordable rooms midweek. We moseyed down to the casino, tried to act like we knew what we were doing and found the quarter slot machines. Husband spent about two minutes pushing a button and I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “I’d much rather just spend $40 at the bar than lose $40 in the casino.” He pretty much agreed, so we headed to the bar.  I had planned to put $20 on a lucky number at a roulette table, but everyone looked so serious. Really, I just couldn’t see that there was any entertainment value to be had in that casino. Give me the horse track any day where at least you have something to do and something to watch and something to cheer for and some time to anticipate how you might spend all the money that you might possibly tho probably not win.

Meanwhile at bar there was entertainment. The bartender brought me two extra olives to marinate in husband’s martini. Bobby Knight was wearing a gold and black ESPN shirt while doing commentary (I know,  he doesn’t care, but I like to imagine that he even noticed that he was wearing Purdue colors and that it irked him.) There was a decent band that also wasn’t too loud. We could watch both a basketball game and a football game comfortably from our stools at the bar. Ohio State basketball was struggling against IUPUI (even tho they won easily at the end, once again I was happily imagining that there were many irked OSU fans.) And the most entertaining part of our bar visit was seeing the Xavier basketball team uniforms. Those long basketball shorts that often have two “racing stripes” down the outside? At Xavier the stripes are crossed to make giant X’s. Sweet.

Really, it doesn’t take much to amuse me, but casinos evidently don’t have any of it.

Your thoughts?

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