HAPPY holidays

The best part about the holidays? The laughter.

Daughter #1 has been home three days and there have already been several spontaneous outbursts of giggles, guffaws, and silent-belly-aching-tearful-laughter moments. And the best is yet to come as a sister, two nieces, a future son-in-law (fsil), and daughter #2 are all due in by Wednesday evening. We haven’t been joined by this much family for Christmas in years  ever.

I am so happy already that the usual stress inducers are mere blips on my karma screen. Finished shopping?  Nah.  Christmas cards done started? Nope. Christmas dinner planned? Uh-uh. Cookies baked? Dream on. House clean? Well, good enough for family, I suppose. Ten trips to the airport? No sweat. Ready to start inventory at the bookstore? Hah!

And although it’s not the cleverest comic, there’s something about this Luann strip that I really love.

So let’s all try to put more HAPPY in our happy holidays. Here’s to lots of joy and laughter in the next week and the coming new year!

Your thoughts?

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