End of the Year Musings

This is what I feel like at this time of year, a blank book ready to be filled with a new year of life. It’s been a busy last few weeks of 2010 with visitors coming and going (and NONE over staying their welcome, I might add) and end of the year inventory going on at the bookstore. Haven’t made time for blogging or reading and am rushing to get the last Christmas New Year’s cards out. December 30 is not the day to be looking back, tho, it’s time to be looking ahead at all those blank pages. Time to dream about an organized life, a taking-care-of-myself life, a reaching-out-to-others life. The long list of New Year’s Resolutions is always abandonned by mid-January, so this year my only resolution is to keep those dreams at the forefront and act on them every day. I wish eveyone a healthy and happy 2011!

Your thoughts?

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