The Business Trip

Woo-hoo. I’m off tomorrow to Washington DC with the Girlboss. We’re going to the ABA (American Booksellers Association) Winter Institute.  I haven’t been on a business trip in, oh, 23 years.  Since I don’t really remember how to act on a business trip, I’ll just call it a vacation instead.

I’m anticipating that the four days will be 90% fun, 30% educational for the bookseller in me, 30% educational for the people watcher in me, 15% feeling out of my element, 35% too cold, and 25% bad for any healthy living initiatives I may have.  Things I’m most looking forward to: hanging out with the girlboss, rep “speed dating” lunches (I love hearing people talk when they are excited about books), using the new notebook I bought just for this trip, and free books everywhere. Things I’m dreading: packing (grownup shoes or comfy shoes, is there room for both?), four days of reminding myself that I am not there to be a wallflower (must join in conversations, must sound interest-ed/-ing, this will be a tough crowd to bluff), and trying to remember some names (fortunately, every one will be wearing nametags).

I likely won’t be posting to my blog for the next few days, but I’ll have a report when I return. So I’ll leave you with a “desire for our world” haikube:

Marvel your riches/clear moonlight, simple thunder/ravenous fire

2 thoughts on “The Business Trip

  1. I am shocked that you have been quietly doing this for nine months and haven’t let on to any of us! I just came home from work, got in bed with my laptop, and read every single post. Well, ok, some I skimmed, especially the ones about baseball, but still. You rock, girl. I am starting work on my Paris blog this week, and I’ll be inundating you wtih questions. Is that why you have kept this little activity a secret from us? You don’t want one more subject to have to educate us on? Have fun in DC and bring me home a good book. I have absolutely NOTHING to read. yeah right.

    • I really only let Cary and the girls in on it at first, but as I read a lot of other blogs I realized that mine wasn’t any worse than a lot of them. I do enjoy doing it and although I had gotten the girlboss’ permission to do this (and mention BWB a lot), I hadn’t actually fessed up to having started it until today. Thanks for the positive feedback. And you’ll have so much fun doing a Paris blog, I can’t wait to read it!

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