Happy Friday Thoughts

Best weather day in Houston today in about a month. Spring is coming (right after the next cold front, I’m sure of it).

Briston Palin ISN’T going to WashU to speak on a panel about abstinence. Saving all of you from reading a rant right here on Thoughts from the Back.

I WALKED to YOGA today. Two points for me!!

If either of the daughters are missing the south or having trouble explaining it, look no further. May I especially recommend Accenting the First Syllable and Chicken Fried Steak. 

World Nutella Day is February 5. I thought about saving this link to share with you later, but what could be sweeter than anticipating and planning for such a holiday! I will be going to IHOP for breakfast this day.

I’m always glad to read about others who share my pain, and my excuses. Daughter #2, make sure you read to the last line for future therapy sessions.

And, finally, my latest Haikube which asked me to share a vision for my childhood. One of the defiining moments of my childhood was a car accident, so here goes:

turn behind, limbs crack
shiver, hellbent, screws, able
finally my home

Have a great weekend!

Your thoughts?

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